Daily guidance Monday

Hi lovelies ♡

I think there is always an issue with expressing oneself freely and people will always feel some type of way about it. I also think when you express yourself freely you will see who is with you and really care and those who arent with you. Be around people who can take care of your soul and nurture it and not those who bring you down.

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Here is the daily guidance for today
Take what resonates and leave the rest. If nothing resonates then it isnt for you.

Patience with yourself and others are important today and it may seems like you need to embrace something today and let it play out. There are things you need to learn from this situation. Everything will work out perfectly so do not try to control or act on this today but simply let it be. It is difficult for someone as you are used to being in control and solve things, but not today.

It has been a dark or rough time lately, but finally you are moving forward and it looks like another individual who is very different from you will offer you a helping hand. You complement each other well, but please be a bit careful and make sure you agree on what needs to be done and also boundaries.
For others it seems like you have been through a hard time with another person who you feel this intense attraction to. It feels like you are chained together by lust which leads to this great energy between you along with some conflicts. You have to decide how to move forward.

Someone has been hurt and trying to heal and collect all the pieces of your broken heart and feel whole again. It looks like some of you will find some answers today or gain clarity. Let this healing take as much time as needed.. dont push or try to hard.

It seems there is another kind of pain connected to a house or move. You either have to move from a place you like or you want to move to another place, but nothing happens and you feel kind of fed up. It may not turn out exactly the way you want to, but do not be so fast to judge here but instead look at the possibilites around you and do not focus on only one area, house etc.


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