Daily guidance Monday

Hi lovelies <3

New month and new opportunities. I wish you a month filled with love, joy, warmth and magic. I had some magic this weekend during my meditation which I am grateful for and I also got some awaited answers <3

Here is today´s guidance.
Take what resonates, leave the rest-  thank you. If nothing resonates then it is not meant for you.

It seems like there are some celebration around you today. You are surrounded by people who believe in you and means a great deal to you.
It can also relate to you and your partner celebrating something today that will give you stability and security in one or several ways. You do not have to worry anymore because you can feel that things will work out for you. It seems to have been a bit messy or chaotic between the two of you, but not anymore.
Someone will meet a potential partner at a celebration or job event where you will meet someone unexpected.

You hear an inner voice today where you want change regarding materialistic stability. It seems like you want to combine two families to one. It can also be that you and your partner thinking about moving in together and starting a family, but nothing is really certain yet and that is okay. You do not have to know now, just know that you want to be together.
It seems that there is a need for someone to forgive your family and a situation connected to the past. You need to come to terms with this so that you can feel more inner peace and balance and not let that situation ruin your future dreams.

You need to distance yourself from drama and conflicts today. There are a few people around you who like to trigger and argue with you. It seems that they are jealous or scared of you. You are a strong person so go on and do your thing. Listen to your intuition because it will guide you towards the right decision.



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